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Scroll Chain

Scroll - Native zkEVM L2 for Ethereum

Scroll seamlessly extends Ethereum’s capabilities through zero knowledge tech and EVM compatibility. The L2 network built by Ethereum devs for Ethereum devs.

What is Scroll?

Scroll is designed by and for Ethereum developers. A swift, reliable and scalable Layer 2 blockchain, Scroll extends Ethereum's capabilities, enabling apps to scale without any surprises. Thanks to bytecode-level compatibility, existing Ethereum apps can migrate onto Scroll as-is, and at a significantly reduced cost.


The Benefits of Blockflow x Scroll

dApp Development Streamlined

With Blockflow's managed instances and Scroll’s native zkEVM layer 2 technology, developers can streamline cross-chain decentralised applications without worrying about data aggregation or Ethereum compatibility issues.

Real-Time On-Chain Triggers

Blockflow's Instances enable real-time responses to on-chain events on Scroll, allowing you to automate workflows, execute transactions, and update databases instantly.

Cost-Effective dapp development

By leveraging Blockflow's efficient multi-chain data handling and Scroll’s bytecode-level compatibility with Ethereum, developers can deploy applications as it is and reduce overhead costs while maintaining high-performance blockchain applications.

Built with Blockflow

Explore comprehensive guides on indexing on-chain data, helping you make the most of Blockflow’s Instances.

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