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Building data-intensive Crypto Applications is too damn hard

Blockflow bridges the gap between unreliable RPCs and complex data handling by merging the power of Instances with managed databases and custom APIs

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Helping crypto teams ship faster with seamless cross-chain data aggregation
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“Building a bridge requires massive cross-chain data aggregation in real-time. Blockflow’s Instances have helped our dashboard, reducing the infrastructure maintenance and ensuring reliability. “

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CTO, Router Protocol



Multichain Aggregation

Easily retrieve multi-chain protocol transfers history, and more using Blockflow's Instances. Trigger actions based on on-chain events, and function calls enabling seamless integration and real-time updates for your cross-chain applications.

Learn More on using Blockflow to build the CCTP Explorer

Low Infrastructure Overhead

Save engineering time with fast backfills and real-time ingestion into your databases using Blockflow's pre-cached infrastructure. Automatically handle chain re-orgs with re-org handler retraction.

Learn More how we handle re-orgs at Blockflow

Easy Integration

Bridge on-chain data directly into your existing stack and keep using your favorite tools. Stream data based on on-chain events, blocks, transactions and query the data with a GraphQL API.

Learn how to get started with Blockflow

Pay for the data you need

Pay only for the data you consume. With Blockflow's flexible, usage-based pricing model, you can scale your operations without worrying about overpaying. Blockflow scales as your application scales.

Learn about our Usage-based pricing model

Purpose built for cross chain data applications

Create powerful use cases in minutes by building custom APIs to fetch ERC20 token data, Real-time prices for token pairs and more.

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All the NFT data at your finger tips - tokens, contracts, metadata, ownership info, transactions & floor prices.

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Power your wallet with instant access to DeFi portfolio, balances, and transfer history.

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Effortlessly monitor your smart contract performance using Custom APIs. Gain insights into usage patterns, set custom alerts, and stay ahead of the curve in your journey.

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All the social data at your finger tips - resolve ENS domains, get all the ENS records and much more.

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Supported Blockchain Networks

Stream, Transform and Index data across 12+ Blockchain networks with Blockflow

Learn More about the networks supported

Frequently Asked Questions

Blockflow simplifies data retrieval from blockchains, making it easier for you to access real-time data and build blockchain-powered applications quickly.

As a developer, Blockflow enables you to define on-chain data models, transform them, and stream them to your application and database. You don't have to touch a server or an RPC. Smooth, right?

Blockflow provides an intuitive interface for selecting blockchain events, defining custom logic, and seamlessly streaming data via APIs/Pipelines, eliminating the complexities of traditional data retrieval.

Blockflow empowers you to develop a wide range of applications, from DeFi platforms and NFT marketplaces to real-time analytics dashboards and more. Your creativity is the limit! Checkout our usecases documentation to get started today!

Your journey with Blockflow begins by creating a database instance, selecting blockchain events, customizing data, and specifying the starting block. Blockflow guides you through these steps seamlessly. Check out our <a href=''> docs </a>.

Blockflow supports JavaScript, allowing you to define custom logic for your data streams in a familiar coding environment similar to VS Code. We also have CLI.

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