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Linea - The secure zkEVM ecosystem

Linea delivers unrivaled network security with its cryptographically secure zk infrastructure, comprehensive security partnerships, and security-oriented ecosystem culture.

What is Linea?

Linea’s mission is to make the decentralized internet safe and accessible for everyone. Linea is a fully EVM equivalent zero-knowledge rollup (zk-rollup), designed to scale Ethereum with higher throughput and lowered transaction fees. Linea relies on an innovative, internally-built, lattice-powered prover which utilizes zkSNARK technology


The Benefits of Blockflow x Linea

dApp Development Streamlined

With Blockflow's managed instances and Linea’s scalable and secure layer 2 technology, developers can streamline cross-chain decentralised applications without worrying about data aggregation or security issues.

Real-Time On-Chain Triggers

Blockflow's Instances enable real-time responses to on-chain events on Ethereum, allowing you to automate workflows, execute transactions, and update databases instantly.

Cost-Effective Data Management

By leveraging Blockflow's efficient data handling and Ethereum’s open internet computer, developers can reduce overhead costs while maintaining highly-available applications.

Built with Blockflow

Explore comprehensive guides on indexing on-chain data, helping you make the most of Blockflow’s Instances.

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